DeFiChain Space Bunny
The DeFiChain Space Bunny is a project I did on-demand. It tells the story of how DeFiChain dominates the world. This was also the first NFT project I worked on. It was a great learning process; both in the creation process of the art, as well as learning what an NFT is and how it works.
Neighborhood Scene Creation
This was an assignment I worked on while learning how to create 3d scenes in Blender. 
Lighting Test in Blender
In 3D modeling and design, understanding how light works and how to manipulate it to create different types of impressions or effects, is one of the most powerful things one can learn. Here, I tried to work with different types of lights at various intensities and distances to achieve diverse results.
Iridescent Liberty Statue
This is another NFT project I worked on. During the process of getting this done, I learned how to create an iridescent material that changes colour based on lighting, position and environment.
The Foodie Collection
I challenged myself to create food-related 3D objects, and here's the result. I plan to do more of this.
Good Genes - Abstract Art
Art is expressive. I named this piece Good Genes because it's a visual of what a DNA strand that holds good genetic features would look like.

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